4 Delicious Homemade Recipes for The Slow Cooker

The slow cooker is a useful cooking device to have in your family kitchen. Many homemakers love this device because of its convenience, and you can cook even during the time you are away. Equipment does not spend too much power and very helpful, and you just put in a pot, press the button, wait, and you have a delicious and beautiful dish. However, the selection of a slow cooker product is not an easy thing. If you bought a product not satisfied, but you still want to use it regularly, this article will help you. This article will offer 4 popular homemade recipes for the slow cooker. The best way is that you should check out slow cooker reviews, and you will have a choice of the most appropriate products regarding price and demand.

The homemade recipe for slow cooker

The Conventional Cooking Method with Slow Cooker

When you start cooking a dish that people will place the highest temperature for 1 hour first, then switch back to low level or at a level recorded in the recipe. You will feel safer if the remaining time food is cooked at a lower temperature.

There are many dishes can be prepared in the slow cooker, mostly soup, braised and stew dishes. Before leaving for work in the morning, you can turn on your slow cooker and then in the afternoon you will have fantastic food.

The Braised Fish

The braised fish dishes will be very suitable for the use of slow cooker. Raw materials include fish, galangal, lemongrass, sugar, fish sauce, a few tea leaves. You will proceed preliminary processing of fish, marinated spices like traditional recipes. Then you lined galangal, lemongrass in the bottom pot, and fresh fish above it. You should put enough seasoning sauce.

Note: fish and spices sauce shall not be less than half the pot and no more than 2/3 of the pot. When you have a full range of ingredients, then you put the lid on and click a button.

When cooking, you need to turn on the High for the first hour to food reaches 140 degrees F at least. Then, you will reduce the temperature to “Low” and cook for a long time until the food is fully ripe. You must ensure that food is always higher than 140 degrees F for food not contaminated with bad bacteria that are harmful to health. This is important when using the slow cooker. Therefore, if you have to cook this dish do not forget to get up early morning.

If you like the sauce is condensed, you press the High and open lid before eating in about an hour.  This will cause the vapor to escape, and sauces will condense.

The Frozen Meat

The frozen meat is the delicious and attractive dish. It also helps to detoxify the body. Raw materials for naturally cold meat dishes has meat boneless pork leg, a little chicken, 1 pig ears, less ear fungus, wheat, pepper, and water. You let all ingredients in slow cooker. And you turned on the cooking mode like braised fish. When the frozen meat has softened as you like, then you sprinkle a little extra pepper. You use a large bowl to keep the food, and then put in the fridge to preserve and eat slowly.

Example for the Meat Porridge, Raw materials for meat porridge include rice and beef/chicken/pork meat enough. You use spices such as less wheat, soup or optional sauce. Example for chicken porridge: After washing the rice and rinse the meat, then you give it all into the slow cooker. And you do not need to shred the meat because the flesh will soften, and porridge is fragrant and sweet. Turn on button High to boiling porridge and wait, and then you press Low to cool down. After one night, you’ve got to enjoy delicious soup.

The porridge will be cooked quickly or slowly, depending on the time and conditions. If you want faster, you can choose how to cook with the high button. After several experiences, you will be able to adjust the cooking temperature suitable to the time.

The Beef and Potato Stew

In winter, you enjoy beef and potato stew; it’s a great thing. However, this dish needs a lot of time to cook. With busy people, this food will fit on occasions such as weekends or holidays. But, you use the slow cooker, and everything will be easier. In the morning, you prepare food and put into the slow cooker, press the button and go out. In the afternoon of the day, you had beef and potato stew tasty. You will not lose too much time to prepare or stew, and your job is just to enjoy the food.

To cook this dish, you need to make beef (how much mass will depend on the capacity of pot and your needs), potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, five-spice powder, pepper, onion, smell. Everyone should note that, if you want delicious food, then you should choose the beef tendons will taste better. You wash the meat clean, and you cut the meat into small size chess pieces, marinated with pepper, seasoning and five spice powder 1/2 package.

Preliminary processing of potatoes, tomatoes, and you give it all into slow cooker. Ideally, this dish needs longer cooking time, should you choose mode High for the first hour and the remainder at Low mode. When you eat, your beef stew in the bowl and sprinkle with pepper, onion, and cilantro to the surface.

The Chicken and Red Apple Stew

As with beef stew, the chicken and red apple stew also took quite a long time. If cooking with a pressure cooker, then you also have to be at home to look after. Therefore, you should use the slow cooker to cook while you are out.

To cook this dish you prepare chicken thighs (the number depends on diets and the volume pot) and red apples. Chickens are washed, red apples soaked in water over 10 minutes. Then you give all the ingredients into the pot and add a little seasoning, water. The dish is also using methods of cooking similar stews. Therefore, you will boil food at about 8 hours, so you just turn on the High in the first hour, and the time is remaining in Low mode. Ensure when you get home from work, the whole family will have a nutritious and delicious food.

For other braised or stewed dishes, people can use the same cooking method, which was presented in the article.

The chicken meat in slow cooker

These Other Important Notes

  • 1 hour at the High mode, the equivalent of 2 hours at Low.
  • During cooking, do not open the lid off the pot regularly because heat is lost and dishes need more time to ripen. So, you just open the lid when necessary.
  • You will select different temperature settings depending on the recipe. But most of the meat needs to cook for approximately 8 hours at a temperature of Low.