18 Homemade Recipes for a Healthy Lunch

You are having lunch boring, tedious and not health. The article will give you the simple recipe, but delicious and nutritious! However, please note the storage time of each dish to ensure quality. After looking through this article, you will have the recipe for hints about the health of your lunch.

The homemade cooking

The Appetizer

  1. Russian Salad: Food popularized by the nutritious, delicious and beautiful. With the freshest ingredients, you will have excellent and attractive salad dishes.
  2. The haemul pajeon: The Pajeon is Korean-style fried cakes with green onion. The most popular kind of Pajeon is haemul pajeon. It is fried with seafood such as shrimp, scallops, clams, squid. This is also one of the favorite appetizers or snacks of Korean people.
  3. Tuna salad and white bean: Tuna salad is a dish very popular and good for health. Dish not only offers a variety of mortgage fiber, an essential vitamin for the body, but it also contains healthy fatty acid sources – Omega 3. In particular, tuna salad can be used as your main dish for dieters. Tuna salad is a super-fast and super delicious food, and you do not have to picky cook.
  4. Fried pellets potatoes: Dish is easy to combine with various vegetables, spices, meat, cheese. You can use as attached great dish in any meal. You will be attracted by the crispness of the crust on the outside, and the inside is soft and fragrant.
  5. Fried pumpkin pie: This is a great appetizer or side dish. The pumpkin pie is easy to make, tasty and nutritious. This may be the ideal recipe for the baby or those whose diets.
  6. Bruschetta bread, cherry tomato, and crispy olive: Bruschetta is a quick snack or appetizer fantastic. In many types of materials to make Bruschetta, a tomato is suitable for this dish as quickly as possible, and the meal will be great.

The Main Dishes

The cooking main dishes

  1. Tsukune chicken pellets: Skewer meats or vegetables are not only beautiful but also much loved by taste delicious, tasty. One of them is chicken skewers (Tsukune) – very popular in restaurants Japan- made from the familiar ingredients such are minced chicken, onion and lemon zest. You will not be difficult to perform Tsukune dishes at home.
  2. Crispy grilled fish served with tartare sauce: The grilled fish is always brought taste good, crispy but still enough nutrients. Crispy grilled fish, and served with tartare sauce is a great dish. This is a sauce made from yogurt, mustard, capers. This dish will be very great, and suitable for all meals or luxury party. How to make recipe is pretty simple, and you can DIY at home. If you want to the highest efficiency dish, then you should use best gas grills.
  3. Chicken stew with vegetables: Chicken is always a source of food that can be applied to simple dishes, easy to make but still nutritious. Chicken stewed vegetables with a combination of green vegetables, potatoes, peas will give you a nutritious meal and delicious.
  4. Curried Beef (rendang): Rendang is traditional curry in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Dishes are mainly made from beef and the dish for the festive occasion. Usually, in Malaysia, rendang is very spicy and cooked until dry. If you cook “rendang” in style casseroles, then you use more “sauce” and eat with rice. The fat in coconut milk combined with fresh aromatic spices without too warm as a native dish can bring you an exciting new experience.
  5. Crispy chicken (Schnitzel) with courgettes salad: Schnitzel is a very popular dish in the Austrian and German cuisine. The traditional dish is characterized by a large piece of fried meat and served with potato salad, coriander. Today, Schnitzel can be used other meats such as veal, chicken, turkey, beef, pork, mushrooms, bacon, onion and other herbs.

The Dessert / beverages

  1. Cupcake is covered lemon cream: This dessert is a deft combination of the sweet taste of coconut and fresh scented fruit. What a lovely blue cake dessert is perfect to welcome hot summer. You can also combine coconut with orange or lemon for different dessert.
  2. Eclaire cake, ice cream, and coffee: This is a reasonable cake for afternoon tea on weekends or during lunch break. An aromatic coating, puffed, crispy thin created by silky, smooth cream and coffee. A layer consisting of coffee cream will make you relax and forget the fatigue of the afternoon.
  3. Honey Pudding: Easy to do, aromatic, smooth, refreshing with a taste of honey and natural vanilla, honey pudding dessert is both children and adults. Everyone loved this dessert, especially during summer days. You pour the pudding into the bottle, and you can easily carry them away.

Eating the dessert for lunch

  1. Mocha Angel Food Cake: The cake is the perfect combination of aromatic espresso and attractive, sweet chocolate. The angel food cake is not bland and boring, and it will change your thinking about this dessert. Try yourself and feel the sweetness, aroma of cake. This will be more impressive cakes you’ve ever tried!
  2. Italian lemon cheese tart: Cool and refreshing, this sweet cake will cool down instantly for those who enjoy it in the hot afternoon. The most interesting thing is the coating, which is the perfect balance between crispness, smooth cream mascarpone and softened tart.
  3. Madeleine scallop cakes: The scalloped cake called is Madeleine cute. If you only glance cake, then you have happy feelings by its shape.
  4. Almond milk: This is a dish of milk is more preferred by fatty, fragrant and delicious. Served with almond milk, cereal, this is an excellent choice for a new day! You can also make milk, corn or other grains from the simple way.